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Uplink Control

The uplink control allows you to see and edit uplink of an item.

When adding an uplink control you will need to choose a default setup and edit the details through the advanced button.

  • exists: true/false. If true, the information is shown if a link exists. If false, if the link does not exist

  • cats: CAT1,CAT2. Comma separated list of categories to which this rule applies

  • icon:"fa fa-clock" an icon to show (if rule applies). Must be font-awesome icon

  • iconfg: foreground color

  • iconbg: background color

  • text: text to be displayed

  • showCreate: if set to true a create and select button is shown

  • hideCreate: to hide create button for any of a comma separated list of categories

  • hideSelect: to hide select button for any of a comma separated list of categories

  • itemInfo: Makes only sense if rule is exists = true. Shows links according to value

    • true: shows a simple list with all id's

    • reflist: shows a list with id's as links and titles

    • reflistedit: shows a list with id's as links and title with an unlink button (from version 1.11)

    • ref: shows id's as links and titles inline behind text

Example configuration to show uplinks with unlink button

{ "exists": true, "cats": "REQ", "itemInfo": "reflistedit" }

Example configuration to mark uplinks to risks as risk controls

{ "exists": false, "cats": "REQ", "icon": "fa fa-exclamation-triangle", "iconfg": "yellow", "iconbg": "black", "text": "uplink info to REQ missing" }

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