There are many different methods to import data into Matrix

  • Drag and drop into rich text fields: if you drag files into the text editor matrix will do one of the following
    • images: will be embedded and displayed in the text 
    • word files: you will be prompted whether you want to convert them to rich text or attach them as files:

    • any other file: will be uploaded to our server and a hyperlink will be added to the text
  • Import of existing requirement specification from a word document
    • Preparation: to make import fast, you should prepare the documents
      • make sure they are nicely formatted, meaning different information is formatted using different styles, e.g. if a requirement consists of a title and a description, the title can be "heading 1" and the description "normal text". 
      • remove not needed things like table of contents and any text which is not needed to be imported
    • Import: use the website 
    • More info: Word Import Tool or reading the answer to this import question.
  • Import of existing requirement specification etc from a excel
  • Import of data from a legacy database
    • if you cannot export it as word or excel ask us, we'll find a way!

If you import word documents make sure there are no comments inside and track changes is disabled and all changes are accepted!