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Context Pages

  • Context pages are shown of the right side  of the normal screen. To show them, click on the button
    "Context frame" in the bar above any item or folder. 

  • They can be used show information related to the currently selected item. The following pages can be shown in the client:
    • Review Pane can be used to pin items for review either
      • during design reviews using a Review Controls
      • by manually copying an item there (e.g. if you want to keep the content of a SPEC visible while writing a test case). To do so, open the item you want to place there and select "Pin item in review pane" or press CTRL-m.
    • Help shows context-sensitive help
    • Faq shows some faqs from this user manual
    • Support allows to quickly contact matrix support
    • References shows details of up and downlinks of the selected item
    • Smart Links shows details of smartlinks in rich text boxes
    • Uplinks shows details about all uplinks of an item (recursive)
    • Downlinks shows details about all downlinks of an item (recursive)
    • Folder shows details about all items in a folder (to see all items present in subfolders you need to select recursively)
  • To close the Context Page, click on the same icon with inverted direction of the arrow 
    in bar above any item or folder.

In the following example, see how to tailor the Context frame to show the downlinks of an item in it:

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