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Zephyr integration

We have a Zephyr integration tool that goes through ZAPI to decode test plans and test executions and import them Matrix’s Test Cases (TC or other test forms) and Test Cases Executions (XTC).

If you have Jira Clouds with Zephyr, you’ll first have to install ZAPI which is a paying module. When you have the ZAPI codes and access, you can run the importer, which is a Jira command line tool.

That tool will generate a temporary layer called EXTTC below.

When the EXTTC items are in Matrix, you can then use the Agile Sync module to decide which items are to be imported into actual TC items.

The same takes place for XTC items.

When this is all in place, you can decide whether you want to do a 1-time import, or keep on using Zephyr in Jira and do regular imports.

Here is an import example into EXTTC:

And after being imported through the AgileSync:

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