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Project Management and Issue Tracking

MatrixALM can connect to external tools to manage tasks and workflow related to matrix items. 

There two possibilities to achieve that linking and synchronization.


This method allows you to create tickets in a  third party tool and link it to a matrix item. This can be done with any ticketing system which has dedicated URLs (websites) per issue.

For some of these tools we have or can create an even deeper integration, also maintaining links to the other tool as well as retrieving the status of tasks to display them in MatrixALM.

Of the shelf we support JIRA clouds, JIRA server and GitHub. We can also simply link to any URL.

This allows you to for example to create tickets and sophisticated workflows inside JIRA while managing the design input and output in MatrixALM.

These external tickets can be included in documents and specific reports.


Using the module Agile Sync, it is also possible to manage an agile product development in an external tool, creating for example epics and sprint and than to synchronize those into matrix for the official documentation. This allows tightly control the regulatory documentation by maintaining maximum flexibility in software development. 

Rather than just linking items with tasks, this method synchronizes the content of external items in a controlled manner into matrix. This allows you to filter and organize your documentation in matrix while working with the agile tool of your choice.

Currently we have connectors for Pivotal TrackerJIRA, Confluence, Zephyr Tests for JIRA Cloud and Team Foundation Server. We can also sync with a local or network folder that contains Word documents and pictures.

There is a simple Java API allowing you to connect to virtually any tool as long as it has a REST API.

In order to use this synchronization, we will ask you to subscribe to our Agile Sync module (see in the pricing page : and we will guide you through the configuration steps.

If you need synchronization for other tools, we can help you programming it by sending you the Java API, or we can offer to develop the module ourselves, depending on the complexity of the interface to that other tool is.


Look at the recorded webinar on Jira Integration: (direct link here)

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