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Table of items with fields

The table of items allows you to print items in a tabular form. Each row will have details from one item (or optionally folders).

Options of table of items with fields

See also Changing the layout of document section and Item Selection By Search.

Sort items by IDIf selected the items are sorted by the id not in the natural order of the tree
Include foldersShows the folders above the items
Add a reference of the included items to table of contentIf a word or pdf document is created with a table of content option, the reference of the selected items is included there.

The column of with the information about each item (see below)

Column Definition

Each column will consist of the configured fields of an item. The configuration is done by a comma separated list of fields (either field id's or names) or macros:

  • field name
  • field id
  • macro (see below)

It is also possible to prefix the column definition with a column header text, separated by a pipe from the column definition, e.g.

the following definition:

Requirement|item,The labels|labels

can be used to redner the following table

Additionally these macros can be used

  • labels: to show labels
  • item: to show the item (id and title)
  • itemid: to show just the item id
  • title: to just show the item title
  • up: to show up links
  • down: to show down links

More meta data can be added to tables in DOC items, see Adding Columns to Item Table and Risk Table

Note: Complex fields like test tables or risks cannot be added in table cells.

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