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Risk Analysis

The risk analysis section allows to show different views on the selected risks

Note: Only one category defining risks can be used per Risk Analysis section

Options of Risk Analysis section

See also Changing the layout of document section and Item Selection By Search.

Add a reference of included items to table of contentIf selected the referenced risks will show up in the word /pdf table of content/index if either section is added to the document.
Risk analysis sub sectionsTo hide any of the sub sections, remove the text next to the section type

The following sections exists:

  • Risk Summary Table: produces an FMEA table showing all fields of the risk field. IF this is selected, the section should be printed in landscape.
  • Stats RBM: Some statistic about the risk classification of risks before mitigation
  • Stats RAM: Some statistic about the risk classification of risks after mitigation
  • Stats risk w/o test: Some statistic about risk which have risk controls which are not tested
  • Risk needing reduction: Lists risks which need more reduction (based on the checkbox)
  • Risk benefitsLists risks which outweigh benefits (based on the checkbox)
  • Risk by zone before: Lists risks by risk zone before mitigation
  • Risk by zone afterLists risks by risk zone after mitigation
  • Risk missing tests: Lists risk with risk controls which are not tested
  • Risk controls w/o test: Lists risk controls which are not tested
  • Tests for risk controls: Show the traceability tree from risks to tests of the risk controls

Note: some of the sections might not produce 'interesting' or correct results depending on the configuration of the risk module

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