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WI Items

Creating and organizing work instructions

In case you need to create a work instruction, you can click on the main category title. (WI in this case).

  • You will get the option to either create a folder or a Work Instruction.
  • When clicking on Create Work Instruction, you will get a window to define a new work instruction.
  • When the work instruction is completed, click on Create.
  • The work instruction will be added in the WI list.
  • Work instructions can be dragged and dropped within the WI category to change their order and to put them in specific subfolders.

Reviewing/ approving WI

WI have a much simpler reviewing/approving cycle than PROC items.

  • A reviewer can either pass of fail the review of a specific work instruction. This is done through a label.
  • The work instruction can only be approved (Pass) when all checkboxes are checked.
  • Only when the work instruction is approved, the label will change to approved (dark blue on this picture).

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