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Which browsers are supported by Matrix?

This technical document outlines the browser compatibility details for the use of Matrix Requirements software on desktop environments. It specifies the supported browser versions and operating system requirements.

Supported Browsers:

  1. Google Chrome: Matrix Requirements software is compatible with Google Chrome versions 91 and above.

  2. Firefox: Our software is optimized for Firefox versions 89 and above.

  3. Safari: On macOS systems, Matrix Requirements software is supported on Safari 14.1 or higher.

  4. Microsoft Edge: For Windows 10 users, our software is compatible with Microsoft Edge versions 91 and above.

  5. Brave: Matrix Requirements is supported on Brave browsers with versions 1.25 and above.

Unsupported Browser:

  • Internet Explorer: Please note that Internet Explorer is not supported for the use of Matrix Requirements software.

Mobile Device Usage:

While Matrix Requirements software can be accessed on mobile devices, it is essential to understand that the mobile interface is not the primary intended use. Some functionalities available in the desktop version may not be accessible or fully functional on mobile devices. For the best user experience and access to the complete set of features, we recommend using the desktop version of the software.

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