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What is the upgrade process?

When Matrix Requirements finalizes a new version, here is what happens:

  1. An email is sent to all the admin users of Matrix, explaining that there is a new version and what are the new features (this last happened June 29th, 2021 for version 2.3). This email includes a date for the upgrade, a possibility to test the new version in a cloned instance and a possibility to opt out.
  2. If a customer decides to opt-out, the upgrade doesn't take place. The customer can come back to us at a later date to ask for the upgrade.
  3. For the customers who do not ask to opt-out, the upgrade takes place at the given date. 
  4. An email is sent after the upgrade took place to explain the status.

As part of the regular backup process, all your data is saved in redundant servers every hour. If anything goes wrong during the upgrade, we have the ability to restore your instance with the previous version.

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