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Search and Replace

Sometime you need to make a global search and replace.

This function is not available in the application yet, but we provide here a quite dangerous, unattended way of doing this. (Always do a dryrun first!)

The program attached (requires Java 8) can be used to replace a string by another in all items of a category.

This requires access token. This can be generated as described here :


java -jar SearchAndReplace.jar
	--instance=(name of the instance)
	--category=category (REQ, DOC, ....) - you can set enter a comma-separated list
	--search=search term. Put under double quotes if any space inside
	--replace=replace term [optional]. Put under double quotes if any space inside. Only lists the search results if omitted
	--wholeword=1 [optional]. If set to 1, only searchs whole words (search term is not prefixed or suffixed by letters or digits)
	--ignorecase=1 [optional]. If set to 1, ignores cases in searches
	--dryrun=0 [optional]. If set to 0, change will be made to the data. Default is no changes
	--comment=text [optional]. Comment for the changes in the audit log. By default will be : Search and Replace

Exemple :

java -jar SearchAndReplace.jar --instance=demoInstance --token=USERTOKEN --project=ALMSandbox -- search="product name" --replace="_productName_" --wholeword=1 --ignorecase=0 --dryrun=1 

Please use with care!

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