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RC Items

Risk control measures are defined to reduce the probability or severity of a risk.

Creating and organizing RC items

Risk control items can either be created from a Risk (see section on RISK items) or by clicking on the main category folder RC and then Create Risk Control.

Just like all other items in the tree on the left, Risk control items can be dragged and dropped to change their order or to organize them in different subfolders.

Customizing a RC item

Risk control items have a description box that should explain what needs to happen to reduce the risk factor. However, it’s a process that needs to be implemented or improved in order to really reduce the risk. Therefore a RC should always be linked to at least one PROC item. This can be the same PROC item as to which the original RISK item relates or another PROC item. To link the RC item with a PROC item, either click on Select Existing or Create PROC.

The Risk Control Application dropdown indicates whether the risk control measure is to improve the existing PROC, create a new PROC or both:

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