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PRINT - is it possible to show the probability text rather than the values in tables?

In order to print custom risk tables or to export them as excel, the custom tables need to be defined (see Guides (PRINT project)),

These tables can contain columns with the different attributes of risks, which can be inserted through a special risk printing functions used in a BLOCK item.

However these functions will print the the values not the names of the probabilities/severities selected for the risk. E.g. if the first value of a risk is a “Probability P1”, which can be “1 - low”, “2 - medium” or “3 - high”, the Risk Value Before Mitigation 1, would print 1, 2, or 3 depending on the selection.

To print the name (low, medium or high) you need to use a trick: you choose to print an Attribute of an item, instead of a Risk Value. The parameters you need to supply are “description” which is the a fixed name of the attribute to print, and weight:eq(X), with X being the index of the value as it’s displayed in the UI (0 for the first/top one, 1 for the one underneath etc).

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