Moving multiple items in the tree is a feature which is not enabled by default in order to keep the UI simple.

  • You can enable the feature in the admin client by
    • ticking the checkbox "Project Settings / Advanced Features / Advanced item move" as shown below. 
  • In order to use the feature after enabling it
    • refresh the client (after initially enabling it, e.g. with F5)
    • select the target folder,
    • open the folders menu in the top right and choose "move in"
    • in the dialog which opens select the items to move into the target folder:

Tip: You can also use this feature as a workaround to delete multiple items at once. Simply create a dedicated "Trash" folder, just as on your computer, and bulk move the items chosen for deletion in there and then delete it.

Note: you cannot move items between different categories because each category can have different fields. If you need to do so please contact us.