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How can I get help?

  • The best way is to send emails to our support@ email (or call us or chat with us through our website). These emails end up in a ticketing system which is monitored by our second level support team.

  • Avoid sending mail to user’s personal email, as it might take much longer before someone answers.

  • Create new ticktes for new questions.

  • Send technical and visual information: name of url in the browser (project/item), screenshots of the issue (just describing it makes it difficult for us as we might use different terms for different things. See Matrix Terms and Abbreviations ).

Once you contacted us

  • you should get an automatic reply that we are working on the ticket. If not check your spam.

For (Matrix) admins

  • make sure emails from are whitelisted in your mail server / the clients

  • make sure you have at least one access to the Jira Service Desk portal in the company to be able to proactively follow up on tickets.

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