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Document Numbers

By default documents (DOC items) have a field "Document Number".

The number in this field is used to create the name of the SIGN items.

If the document number is empty, the SIGN item will just inherit the name of the DOC item.

If there is something in the field, it will use it as a prefix for the generated SIGN Title (name), with the possibility to use the following macros.

Macrowhen creating SIGNed the document title will be replaced by
_id_the id of the document, e.g. DOC-13
_serial_replaces the document's number by the number with up to 3 leading 0s, e.g. the serial of DOC-13 -> will be 013 
_serial1_ _serial2_, _serial3_, _serial4_ padding with 1, 2, 3 (same a _serial_) , 4 leading zeros 
_project_id of project
_title_title of document (allows to move the DOC title into the middle of the generated SIGN name)
_YYYY_year (of day of SIGN creation), e.g. 2017
_YY_year after 2000, e.g. 17
_MM_month, e.g. 05
_DD_day, e.g. 03
_YYYYMMDD_year, month and day, e.g. 20170214
_ revision_fills the revision number of an audit trail table with a revision (see Revision Numbers and Audit Trails of Documents)
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