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Creating New Projects / Cloning Existing Projects

You can create new projects by cloning existing ones, with or without the content. Cloning a project will copy all of its settings.

In the admin client open the project you want to copy or clone and select "Create Branch or Copy"

You need to specify how to copy

  • New Project ID: the new project identifier used in the URL of the browser
  • New Project Name: the full project name
  • Mode: There are the following modes
    • Create and empty project with the same configuration
    • Make a copy with all content
    • Make a branch connected to this project (requires the branch/merge module)
      Note: The main difference between a copy and branch is that changes in a branch can be merged back into the 'mainline' / original project
  • Keep User Access: by default the new project will also inherit user access from the source
  • Remove Content: by default only the structure / configuration will be copied
  • Include History: If selected, the history will be copied as well
  • Select Date in the Past: if the history included, the copy can copy the project until a given point in time (this point needs to be defined as tag in the original project)

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