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Can I have cascading searches to find something among the results of a Search?

Yes, now it's possible to do joint like searches, i.e. a second search is done on the results of the first search.

More explanation on the global MRQL page.


mrql: category=REQ and label=adult ==> category=TC and uplinkm=previous

The keyword previous refers to the set of results from the 1st part of the query

The ==> sign can also be the keyword THEN.

You can add many levels:


mrql: category=REQ and label=adult
    ==> category=SPEC and uplinkm=previous and label=internal 
    ==> category=XTC and testResult=error

This would list the failed tests who has a SPEC with a label "internal" as ancestor, but only if these SPECs have a REQ with a label "adult"

The relations that can be used with previous are:

  • uplink

  • uplinkm

  • downlink

  • downlinkm


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